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Rehabilitation Exercise
Looking for "Physical Therapy near me?"

Rehabilitation exercises can improve all joint, muscle, neck and back problems and is essential in the recovery from sports injuries.

Any kind of trauma or injury will inhibit key muscles from working so it is essential to retrain muscles after any injury.

The process by which a problem develops may have occurred over many months or years. Rehabilitation exercises will reverse this process much faster than it developed, but may take several months to take full effect.

Rehabilitation exercise programs are tailored to a patient’s particular needs and specific to that patient’s injury.

Without the proper guidance from your chiropractor, the exercises you are currently doing at your normal gym may well aggravate or worsen your problem, even though it may not seem to hurt at the time. The staff at your gym are unlikely to have the depth of knowledge and understanding of your individual needs, so you should always consult your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program.

Suitable exercises are an adjunct to your chiropractic care. They will strengthen your spine and improve your ability to cope with daily demands, but periodic chiropractic care (maintenance care) is often necessary to ensure you remain in optimum health.

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